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Here's a list of all my fics to date. Most are incomplete or oneshots, ha.

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Title: Bubble
Pairing: Stendan
Rating: NC-17/M/18
Chapter: 1/1
Wordcount: 8556
Synopsis: Ste finds himself digging up some old memories, and makes some unexpected revelations about himself and his relationship with Brendan along the way. Stendan, mostly Ste-centric.
Comment: My first Stendan fic! Just had a lot of feels to get out. Apologies for any mistakes, it's not been beta read and it's the first time I've ever written for this pairing. I also haven't watched the show for the entire time Ste's been in it so there might be one or two mistakes regarding his past. I fact checked it, but you never know. Don't know if the characterisation is odd at all, but I guess you get better at that eventually anyway.


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[FIC][Salrynn's Shrine][TEN][Zoro/Sanji][NC-17]
Title: Salrynn's Shrine
Rating: M(overall) Chapter; M/NSFW
Genre: Fluff, angst, !MPREG!, yaoi
Pairing: ZoroxSanji
Chapter: 10/?
Summary: That island had seemed rather nice, normal, and pretty much like all the other islands they had visited so far - inasmuch as it had had many pretty girls that Sanji liked to gander at and (unsuccessfully) flirt with. It also had an unusually high number of same-sex couples, or so he had presumed in most cases, and it wasn’t until they had left the island some months ago that he realised why.
A/N Originally I had a slightly longer chapter planned to make up for the absence of this fic, but it's turned out that it's probably going to run a little too long for one chapter and I've decided to split it. But fear not! I'm determined not to go on such a long hiatus as last time o~o; Otherwise, enjoy! :D

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Note about my writings
So, this is just a brief message to people who follow my fiction; everything is on hiatus until further notice. Whilst moving across the country this Summer something inside my computer appears to have become dislodged or damaged and I'm not currently able to access any of my files. It's not sending any signals out to the monitor (which definitely isn't the problem). I'm not sure what the issue is yet but I'll be taking it into the shop soon because it's possibly my graphics card (or worse) my motherboard. Everything I've been writing recently is inaccessible at the moment and I'm borrowing a relative's laptop so I won't be able to finish or post anything. I'll keep the situation updated, but don't expect anything out of me for a while. Sorry.

EDIT: Computer is up and running now, touch wood. Everyone be a druid and touch wood for me, it's good luck. However, what I said is still semi-valid. I am writing but not as much as I would've liked to this Summer because on top of moving and unpacking etc. I've been sent a mini-project to do for university, and I have a week to finish a sketchbook/final thing. Though I'm aware that I'm completely incapable of showing emotion, please know that I feel like a total failure for the sheer amount of time its taking me to write this effing story. I'm really, really, really sorry.

Please note that I will update (eventually) when things become a bit less crazy in my life. Ugh. Thanks for reading~!

[FIC][ZoroxSanji][M][WonderPenis][One Piece]
Title: WonderPenis
Rating: M
Word Count: 4410
Genre: Humour, romance, smut, PWP
Part: 1/1
Warnings: Slight spoilers, manlove (though if you're here, you're probably aware of that). Just some good ol' fashioned ZoSan smut, and you know what that means: it's not worksafe.
Timeline: Post-time skip. Wherever that takes us.
Pairing: ZoSan (…you know that means elephant in Japanese, right? XD)
Summary: Sanji takes an interesting detour.
Comment: Gather round for your bedtime story children.~

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[FANART][Belt of Venus][LeexGaara][YAOI][PG-13]
Another LeeGaa fanart. But it's not as crappy as the last one, I swear. x)



[FIC][Salrynn's Shrine][NINE][ZoSan][NC-17]
Title: Salrynn’s Shrine
Word Count: 4379
Rating: M/NC17/18 Whatever country you’re in (overall) this chapter is NOT worksafe.
Chapter: 9/?
Disclaimer: I don’t own One Piece. I’d love to, though.
Warnings: Unbeta'd, maybe a few spoilers here and there.
Summary: The island had seemed rather nice, normal, and pretty much like the all the other islands they had visited - inasmuch as it had many pretty girls who Sanji liked to gander at and (unsuccessfully) flirt with. It also had an unusually high number of same-sex couples, or so he had presumed in most cases, and it wasn’t until they had left the island some months ago that he realised why.
Comment: Yet again, sorry for the late update, I suck. But I compensated by writing a lemon for you pretty things ^_^

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[FIC][Chemistry][Chapter Two][LeexGaaraxLee][PG-15]
Title: Chemistry
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Romance, action, drama, occasional angst.
Paring: LeeGaaLee
Chapter: 2/?
Status: In Progress
Warnings: Some violence (the most of which is pretty much over now, but it wasn't particularly graphic anyway), spoilers. Some original characters (just plot devices, don't worry). It's also not beta-read (yet).
Summary: A revelation regarding a situation of political unrest between Suna and an apparent enemy propels the Kazekage into a whole new life. Gaara thinks it will be an insignificant period that will only last him a few months, but isn't aware of just how different things will be once he returns.
Comments: Hopefully things will get a little more interesting this chapter and the plot will make a bit more sense, too. Thanks for the reviews, enjoy~


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[FIC][Chemistry][Chapter One][LeexGaaraxLee][PG-15]
Title: Chemistry
Rating: T for now
Genre: Romance, action, humour, angst and slight fluff
Pairing: LeeGaaraLee
Chapter: 1/?
Status: In progress
Warnings: Slight spoilers, violence. Not beta-read.
Summary: Gaara had never thought much of his father, in all honesty. All he did know was that he had left rather a mess to clean up after: senseless, outdated laws, a council of warmongers and a number of economical and social problems. But after years of work, twenty-year-old Gaara is quite pleased with the progress made. Unfortunately for him, things aren't quite as he imagined.
Comments: I hope you don't find part this too boring, but I'm really just trying to set the foundations for the plot here. I really don't want to go straight into the romance stuff because this story is really one that could be a success or it could end up an awful disaster, so you'll have to bear with me on that. ~I also need to point out a couple of small details (if you don't remember, it might be worth refreshing your memory) the daimyo who was in power in Part I is replaced by another in Part II, even though in the manga he's not dead. However, I've killed him off for the sake of the plot (I didn't think it was too bad cuz this takes place like four or five years since Shippuden anyway). Also, Gaara has had Shukaku sealed inside of him again.

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